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Santo Domingo Celebration

The Patron Saint of Astronomers

El Mirador Hotel is situated in Managua on Old Santo Domingo Road a few blocks “below” the Las Sierritas Parish Church. One of the largest religious festivals in the city is the celebration of the Patron Saint of Astronomers, Saint Dominic (Santo Domingo) de Guzmán which is held on the 1st and 10th of August every year and attended by thousands of participants. The primary events are a large parade on each of the 2 days with smaller celebrations in late July leading up to the 2 main days. And given our location we are uniquely situated to have a front row seat to the party.  Today was a smaller version of the parade where the statue of Saint Dominic is lead down the street from the church and then back again later in the day.

You can read the whole story here.

Parade Video

This is a short 15 second video of part of the parade.