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7 Mar

Help us Pick our New Logo

Turismo_logo1 Turismo_logo2


We are so happy you have decided to join us on our exciting (and scary) adventure. And we have already reached our first challenge and we need your help. Our friend and fellow triathlete Deb Simpson did such an amazing job of designing our logo, we could only narrow down our choice to the top 2 and now we need your help to select the one we will use as our new company logo. And we were just starting to get attached to the “draft” logo that Michael created.
So here we have the 2 choices: (A) on the left or top depending on your view and (B) on the right or bottom. We would really appreciate you leaving a comment on this post with your top choice. Later this week we will tally up the scores and announce the selection of our new company logo.

Some background on the logo design:
Green for Eco
Orange for the sun (and sand)
Red for CAnanda
Blue for NICAragua

You may see other elements in the logos but we won’t point them out as we prefer you to pick the one that most speaks to you.

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