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30 Mar

Leaving… And Arriving

After 36 years a city has a face like an old friend. Always welcoming and happy to see you. It knows your life, where you should be on any given day and any given time. It knows your habits, what makes you happy and what keeps you up at night. It keeps you comfortable and most importantly, it props up your sense of confidence.

Today we leave an old friend behind, and not without regret and tears, thoughts of lost opportunity and at times an overwhelming sense of loss. But with that sense of loss comes the excitement of just having found that new friend and looking forward to getting to know each other. Looking forward to that day when they discover a little secret about you that belongs only to the trusted few. New things to try, talk about, laugh and cry over.

But remember Old Friend, in the excitement of the new, the old is never forgotten. You have been there countless times when we needed that sense of comfort and familiarity. You are never forgotten and always in our hearts.