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22 Nov


If you are thinking about retiring someplace other than where you live, then Nicaragua is definitely worth a look.  The cost of living is lower than North America and cheaper than the other Central American countries.  Last week we bought a full week of fruit and vegetables from the local market for 5 people for less than C$500 Cordobas ($23 CAD or $17USD). The crime rate is significantly lower than all other Central American countries and even lower than that of the USA. And there is a thriving ex-pat community in all the major cities and towns.  Real estate is cheap…you can still buy beach front property with a 4 bedroom house in the $150KUS range or. Of course, Nicaragua is not without its drawbacks…some days I just want to scream…but then we can say that about any place. So for a few reasons to consider coming here read on:

Seven Reasons to Expatriate in Nicaragua