505-2225-7537       km 8.5 Carretera Masaya (Sinsa), del Stop & Go, 4 Cuadras al Oeste (al tope), 30 vrs Al Sur, Managua, Nicaragua

19 Jan

An Oasis B & B Gem in Managua, Nicaragua – Taylor H

Whether on vacation or having medical treatments at the World renown Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas, you’ll find El Mirador Suites and Lounge a delightful respite after a long days’ journey. When having my yearly medical check-up at Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas, I stay in Managua several days for both doctor’s appointments and shopping. The medical coordinator not only made all my appointments but also chose El Mirador as their hotel of choice for patients needing to see doctors but not having surgery. An added bonus of the connection between the hospital and hotel is not only an extra 20% off their very reasonable hotel rates but, the free shuttle service El Mirador provides to and from the hospital. The owners of El Mirador, Shannon and Michael are the perfect hosts. I felt warmly welcomed in their authentic Nicaraguan B & B. As a single traveler, I chose small hotels where the staff knows their clients and provides the utmost in service and security which I find lacking in large chain hotels. El Mirador Suites and Lounge is new, has spacious and clean rooms, and verandas to enjoy the evening’s breezes, lake view, and city lights. Their breakfast, whether traditional Nicaraguan or American cuisine, is delicious and all entrees are organic and fresh. Their wonderful staff all speak English, which for me still struggling to learn Spanish is an added bonus. To top off this gem of a hotel, you will have the best nights sleep as there are no dogs barking or rooster’s crowing or traffic screeching past. It is quiet and serene both day and night!