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29 Mar

Foreign Nationals Investing in Nicaragua Real Estate in Record Numbers

Owning an investment property and/or vacation home is something we all dream of. Here in Nicaragua, real estate is affordable even on the beach. Renting out your vacation property for others to enjoy when you are not here is a great way to turn your vacation property into an investment.

With so much going on in the news these days, most investors are so caught up in the political climate in the United States that they are often missing opportunities to invest, not only here at home, but abroad as well.

One of the Latin American countries that bears watching is Nicaragua for a number of reasons. Not only are the laws agreeable for foreign investors but Nicaragua is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the region. As the country continues to grow economically, Nicaragua real estate is becoming the new gold! Property investors are getting in on the ground floor, buying up affordable residential properties in Nicaragua.

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