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5 Apr

20 signs you’ve become culturally Nicaraguan

We are still working on it after a full year of living here. These items are all humorous and there is definitely a “ring” to most of them. Our new favourite saying is “ooof”.  Sorta like a “wow”…Oooof it’s hot, Oooof that was hard…or just, you know…Oooof. We have mostly acclimated to the temperature although this time of year we do tend to turn on the A/C for a few hours at night. I like cold showers, I no longer worry about getting my clothes wet or spilling on the tile floors. I can leave my shoes on all the time or walk bare foot thru the house. Bananas are served at every meal in some form, my tan is coincidental to my short jaunts outside and bubbling lava a couple hundred meters away is Soooo cool..Oooof.

And then there is our friend’s Lora that thinks it is a cat…what’s up with that?

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