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14 Apr

Construirán otro megaproyecto turístico en San Juan del Sur

Building More Tourist Megaprojects in San Juan del Sur.

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Santa Maria is a tourism project in Nicaragua that has more than 20 thousand square meters, will be built on an area of 4 blocks in the town of San Juan del Sur , department of Rivas .

With this work the beginning of a brand new city, according to its managers.

The project includes the construction of a residential area consists of 8 apartment buildings, 80 in total; plus 8 houses keels style, 5 houses signatures style and a shopping plaza.

The resort will have a club with pool , playground, children ‘s pool, multipurpose court, green areas, cobbled streets, river systems, underground power network, security 24 hours a day and perimeter wall.

Is an investment 100% Nicaraguan 40 million that will last for 3 years and will be built in two stages.

The first stage includes the construction of all basic pure printing and in late 2017 could already delivered the first apartments to customers.

In the construction phase the work and generates 500 direct jobs; and operations will provide at least 100.

The authorities of the Santa Maria confident that San Juan del Sur reach the levels of great beaches as Cancun in Mexico.

In this time of Easter this Rivense Township is one of the most visited because it presents a safe and a lot of trade, in addition to attractions that draw attention to both domestic tourists and foreign environment.

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