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7 Apr

Nicaragua once again – 10 Best Countries to Retire to in 2017

List after List keeps putting Nicaragua in the best place to vacation or one of the best places to retire in. So if you are looking ahead to that retirement date and are looking for someplace different to put up your feet and maybe also to stretch out those retirement dollars a little further, then you will want to consider Nicaragua. We can even set you up on a tour specifically designed for people considering retirement in the country.

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Retiring abroad is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Between insufficient retirement savings and the high/rising cost of living, many Americans are looking ahead to retiring somewhere cheaper – and, perhaps, warmer.

That’s why we’re always interested in International Living’s 2017 Best Places to Retire list. This year’s study is based on 24 countries measured against each other on 10 factors: buying & renting, benefits & discounts, visas & residence, cost of living, fitting in, entertainment & amenities, healthcare, healthy lifestyle, infrastructure and climate.

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