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6 May

Costa Nica – The New Country Has Over 40,000 (Online) Citizens

Costa Nica – A new online country.  When the La Cruz elementary school director decided to allow Nicaragua students to join her Costa Rican classes, things started to change. La Cruz, Upala, at Alajuela province’s northernmost point, is on the border with Nicaragua.

Under the guidance of creative designers and communicators from J. Walter Thompson and with the commitment of Costa Rica’s leading TV station, Teletica, the children created a vision of their own country. They called it Costa Nica.

In this country, everyone has a right to equality, to ride a bike, and to be free from fighting, according to some of the children interviewed about the anti-xenophobia project. Teletica aired a 1-hour documentary on the project last year which stimulated an intense national dialogue through social media and other forums on culture, identity and xenophobia.

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