505-2225-7537       km 8.5 Carretera Masaya (Sinsa), del Stop & Go, 4 Cuadras al Oeste (al tope), 30 vrs Al Sur, Managua, Nicaragua

5 May

“Our home away from home in Managua!” – Sarah A

Wow, talk about feeling right at home at El Mirador Suites and Lodge- thanks to these fabulous hosts Shannon and Michael! We were blown away with their kindness when they offered to cook us dinner as they knew we had a late night arrival into Managua from the United States. We arrived with our cousin to find Michael standing outside to help us with our luggage and we were shown our family room with two doubles- it was absolutely perfect for us- white bedding, colorful accents, carafe holding water for us, great bathroom and with the A/C on. We then were taken to the dining area after relaxing in the patio area with wine where we met their darling kittens-where we had a fantastic feast of chicken, sausages, and pork along with quinoa salad, green salads, bread, and killer desserts. We were so appreciative of the food, especially on site, after a long day of travelling. We truly felt at home. My kids were already in love and wanting to relocate to Managua. The beds were superb and we never slept better! We appreciated the breakfast each morning, and it was so heavenly to have the nacatamales again after many, many years!

We enjoyed chatting with Shannon, Michael, and their staff throughout the day and they gave us many good tips to do in Managua- I appreciated the emails they sent me so I could keep track of things to do. We also were thankful for Michael’s help to send us to the store to get memory cards for our camera. Ironically, we didn’t know that our relatives lived less than a mile away from Shannon and Michael, so it was a perfect setting where our relatives would stop by and pick us up. It was always a pleasure to arrive home each night and to find Shannon and Michael in their element and to briefly chat about our day. My kids especially loved to attend to the kittens in the patio area. We immensely enjoyed the connections and it made a such a memorable experience.

Shannon was so accommodating when we asked if we could have our last dinner at El Mirador with relatives- she didn’t even blink an eye when we had more guests than we expected- and she was very gracious, while I was worried about that! They also accommodated us for another night when our flight was rescheduled (we were thrilled to stay for another day!) It is these gestures that makes a difference, and we loved the hospitality with the superb service- you would not find that everywhere except at Shannon and Michael’s place! We DEFINITELY will be BACK here again- and the kids said this place was one of their highlights of the trip. Caroline says she misses the kittens. You guys are incredible, and much gratitude. Million thanks, and we look forward to being back again soon.