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27 May


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By Lucy Valenti, General Director of Nicaragua Tourism and Investment

There are some short-sighted minds that question the construction of the coastal road on the grounds that it will only benefit a few. Many people do not imagine the economic and social benefits that will be generated by the construction of this highway. It has a highly productive potential since it will connect industrial, commercial, tourist and agricultural areas in the nation.

Infrastructure investments of this kind provide fast, safe and profitable returns and promote the economic development of the areas. No society can develop without an efficient road infrastructure in place.

The construction of the Pacífic coastal road confirms a strategic decision to make tourism development a national priority. We have always maintained that this road is vital in promoting tourism investments in an area of the country that has all of the resources to become one of the best sun and beach destinations in the world, especially in the South Pacific region.

This area is currently among the top ten destinations in the world for retirees and is also ranked by the experts amongst the top ten surf destinations in the world!

The first stage of the coastal road lies between San Juan del Sur and Tola. This means more investments and a larger supply of high standard tourism products and services that will raise average tourist spending, provide more jobs and opportunities for Nicaraguans and help lower migration. In addition, it will also bring more tax revenues and money to be reinvested in social programs and education.

In conclusion, the coastal road is strategic for the development of tourism in the coastal areas of the country and deserves the support of all Nicaraguans who want to see our country advance along the path of economic growth and sustainable development.

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