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6 May

Revealed: The nationalities most likely to invade your personal space

Now of course our cats have Zero concept of personal space, especially when chasing each other under the covers of our bed at night.  But for most of us Humans, we do understand the concept and apparently, culturally, there are differences to how close we can be physically to each other and still feel comfortable.

So while this is strictly not a travel article, it is something to consider as travellers when we are in different countries or even when dealing with people of other cultures in our own country.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced a breach of personal space. The worst I encountered was in Bosnia where the owner of a hotel I was staying in tried to get in the shower with me. A clear cut case if ever I saw one.

More recently I found myself quite literally nose to nose with a fisherman in Oban, who was drunk and had clearly lost the concept of personal space whilst regaling me with tales from the high seas. I really don’t wish to get that close to a fisherman again.

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