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20 Sep

The Most Important Item I Pack: Pacsafe Travelsafe Review

While we are not advocating this particular Pacsafe product we are suggesting you consider something like it for your travels.  As a business and vacation traveller, even in North America and Europe, I always wished I had a better way to store my valuables when I left the hotel room.  You could even use something like this on a beach by wrapping it around a tree.

The single most important item I pack on my travels is my portable safe: my Pacsafe Travelsafe 12L.

For years, I’ve been recommending this product to every traveler I know. Budget, luxury, mid-range, family, solo, everything. I’ve urged everyone coming on our Central America tours to buy one for themselves.

And yet so few travelers have a portable safe. It blows my mind; I honestly think everyone should own one of these.

I use my TravelSafe to keep my valuables safe in my accommodation, whether it’s a hostel, a guesthouse, a hotel, or a rental.

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