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7 Oct

Air Travel 101: How to Avoid Overpacking

Airlines are increasingly looking for ways to charge us more for what we had yesterday without trying to seem like they are just indiscriminately raising rates. Now they are charging for all the little things.  And now in some cases we even have to pay for carry on bags ?.  So maybe there is still a way to keep costs down while travelling. We have all gone on vacations only to find we have taken “way too much stuff”.  Pack less, be happy save money.

International travel requires a lot of patience and meticulous planning. Sometimes, that means bringing a whole lot of stuff.

When you’re travelling overseas for weeks at a time, you might feel the need to bring everything but the kitchen sink.While packing a lot isn’t a problem in itself, lugging all your belongings around isn’t the way to go. On a long international trip, you could be in and out of planes and trains regularly.

Who wants to carry more than they need?

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