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31 Oct

Halloween in Granada, chasing spirits and mending them too

A great article by one of our local ex-pats living in Granada.

Our school had their annual Halloween bash for the kiddos. How can I say it any other way, than the school’s children took the Calzada by storm. Though Halloween is not widely celebrated in Nicaragua, it happens to be so close to their day of the dead, that most see the good in the celebration. Halloween, for the children, is quite an affair, I can still remember my excitement nearly 35 years ago. Back then, deciding on costumes, where to go, the mountains of candy, was all so exhilarating. I eventually learned that Halloween was started by the Celts as a way to end their lunar year by scaring away all the demons and spirits from the past year so they wouldn’t return in the new year.

Read the article and see the photos

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