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12 Nov

The “Enter Name Here” space at El Mirador Suites is now available for your next fiesta

A couple years ago when we started this journey to pack up and head to Nicaragua to run a hotel we started thinking about a corporate name. We eventually landed on Turismo CaNica, a blend of CAnada and NICAragua.  Then we found the property and had to name the hotel.  That took a few months but in the end our location won out.  We are in El Mirador which is 1 part of the greater Santo Domingo area in Managua and we also have a great view (mirador) of Managua and the lake from high on our little hill here. So El Mirador Suites and Lounge was born. We figured that that was the end of the name calling, but then my buddy got mad at me one day and called me a “grumpy old beetle” (for the record, he is older by about 4 years) and it stuck and became the name of our signature (world famous) Grumpy Beetle pancakes, our Grumpy Beetle Restaurant and the Grumpy Beetle Bakery.

Soooo…now we are in the last few days of completing our pool / garden / patio area that will be a sanctuary for our guests, a great place for Sunday brunch in Managua and the perfect location for your next Xmas / office / quinceañera / birthday party (toot toot).  And I guess now we need a name for the new space. We are stuck at “Enter Name Here” and if any one has any ideas for a great name we would be happy to hear it and if we pick your name, there might even be a free breakfast in the Grumpy Beetle Restaurant (poolside).

The pool is in and we just finished laying about 170 square meters of tile.  We have a bit of painting, some plants to add and a couple electrical wires to hook up and then we are a go. And we already have 2 events booked starting in a couple weeks.

So I guess this is sorta kind the official unofficial I heard a rumour opening announcement for “Enter Name Here”. Come and see our new space and let’s get you set up for your next event whether it be a business or family gathering.

Our official announcement will be in a week or so with nice pictures so stay tuned for more info.

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