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17 Apr

Planting and Renovating Begins

IMG_20160417_073931 x 1000 IMG_20160416_094132 x 1000

Progress…something that often seems difficult in a strange country 🙂

A very busy week for us, as are likely to be the following several weeks. On the renovation front, we began the process of closing a couple of doors, focused on making one bathroom private and getting read to start the construction of a 2nd by splitting the bathroom in the master bedroom in half.  We reviewed the bathroom design with the architect and paid him the deposit for his work.  He should have his first draft for the whole property in about a week. Can’t wait to see it.

On the ECO front, our fruit garden has a new Guava, Mango and 2 Papaya trees to complement our Avocado, Sour Orange and Annona trees.  In the photo, the small tree in the front right is the Guava and a little further back is the Mango.  The ginormous tree in the background is our Avocado which has been producing copious fruit for the last 2 months and has another month or so to go. We are starting a compost bin this week and a small herb garden in the back yard and we already have a bunch of Culantro (not Cilantro) growing and have been using it.

We also started to get quotes on all the kitchen & restaurant materials and the decorative materials for the rooms like curtains, pillows, cushions, etc.

And finally, we have the quote for all the custom furniture and renovated closets.  We should have that agreed to and started in the next couple of days.

There was a little fun also.  The mountain bikes were re-assembled and we have had a couple of rides this week.

We’re tired already 😉