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21 May

Armadillos & WoodChucks


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Well it seems that the Armadillos have invaded and dug up all of our property. Which is a good thing.  And on the obvious good side, the woodchucks arrived with more beautiful custom made wood furniture.

We had to dig up the property to find all the water and sewer lines which are buried underground outside the perimeter of the house. Learning lots about different plumbing methods especially when the temperature does not drop to -25C for 6 months of the year. Finding a plumber that does good work for a reasonable price was a challenge but after firing a couple and choking on another quote from a local hardware store, we found a great guy that has his own construction company and lots of people to help finish the initial renovations. So we are off today to find tile for the new bathroom. The plumbing has been installed and the floor put back and the concrete re poured so Monday we can build the new wall between the old and new bathroom and start tiling.  A new bathroom should appear by the end of next week.

We have made a couple iterations with our Architect and are waiting for our next revision that uses the side lot space more effectively, providing an extra room and more patio space for the lounge. Then we can start working on the details for the lounge patios and the back yard garden.

Our carpenter has been back a couple of times to deliver bed side tables, room tables and chairs and a chest of drawers for a new closet. Hopefully all will be finished in the next couple weeks.  We should see our first set of tables and chairs for the restaurant in the next few days.

All in all things are progressing well, albeit a little slower than we would like