505-2225-7537       km 8.5 Carretera Masaya (Sinsa), del Stop & Go, 4 Cuadras al Oeste (al tope), 30 vrs Al Sur, Managua, Nicaragua

25 Dec

Managua Earthquake 23rd December 1972

Most of the original “down town” of Managua was never re-built after the 1972 earthquake which caused a bit of a scatter approach where businesses were all over the city.  But over the last 3-5 years, the new commercial disctrict in Managua is blooming, located a few blocks on either side of Carretera Masaya from about KM 5 to KM 12 (give or take a bit). Fortunately we are right in the middle of it, just 4 blocks west of the new Sinsa hardware Store on Carretera Masaya at KM8.5.

See the devastation caused by the earthquake (Espanol and English)…