505-2225-7537       km 8.5 Carretera Masaya (Sinsa), del Stop & Go, 4 Cuadras al Oeste (al tope), 30 vrs Al Sur, Managua, Nicaragua

8 Jan

Finding a new heaven in Nicaragua

I took this photo a couple years ago climbing San Cristobal, Nicaragua’s highest volcano near Chinandega. It’s last major eruption was in 2008. When I read the following article and saw the surreal photo of the Namibian desert, I was reminded of our hike and similar landscape. I applied a filter to somewhat match the colors in the Namibian photo so I am enclosing the original photo here. Still very much a volcanic and wind blasted landscape.

And yes we made another list for places to visit in the world, this time on the Luxury side. Although this hike might have been my kind of heaven, the article is refering to the more traditional sort of heaven and luxury accomodations…Michael

Now for the article.

From exploring the wilds of Namibia to finding a new heaven in Nicaragua, the best outdoor adventure holidays to take in 2017.

If your ambition this year is to try new things and explore new places, you’re in luck. From Nicaragua to Tajikistan, a number of hitherto “undiscovered” destinations are increasingly catering to discerning holidaymakers, with a host of new resorts opening and experiences launching over the year to come.  Read the Article