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31 Mar

Ometepe, Nicaragua: An Island to Be Discovered

2017-03-30 Ometepe is it’s own little paradise floating in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, the 8th largest inland body of water in the world and featuring 2 of Nicaragua’s major volcanos. Hike a volcano, tour a nature reserve, swim in Ojo de Agua, rent a scooter, hang out on the beach or sample the local cuisine.

As Nicaragua quickly becomes a favored tourist destination for many travelers, the time to visit is now. In the heart of the country lies Central America’s largest lake called Lake Nicaragua, measuring roughly 3200 square miles.

Rising from the lake is the ominous volcano island of Ometepe. At an estimated 107 square miles and a population of 30,000, this majestic island is stocked full of culture, history and natural beauty.

Discover all you can do on the island…read the article.

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