505-2225-7537       km 8.5 Carretera Masaya (Sinsa), del Stop & Go, 4 Cuadras al Oeste (al tope), 30 vrs Al Sur, Managua, Nicaragua

13 Mar

The train will return to Nicaragua

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Construction of a tram study of public and tourist transport to Granada, Masaya, Managua with points in the municipalities of Ciudad Sandino and Tipitapa.

A railway with a length of 59.3 kilometers will travel the route from Managua to Granada, which is part of the 33 projects envisaged in Public-Private Investment Partnership, which was released recently.

Laureano Ortega’s official investment agency and export of Nicaragua (Pro Nicaragua) highlighted Modernizarción road project in the city of Managua, which will cover 100 kilometers at an estimated cost of 200 million dollars; which will run over a period of 10 years.

This Act provide for important projects such as remodeling Resorts, a pilot project of the National Irrigation Plan, a port in the city of Bluefields and fish processing plant.

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