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31 Mar

Waiting for the Canal in Nicaragua

2017-03-30 – Many believe the proposed canal here in Nicaragua will never be built. Either way, it’s proposed construction generates a lot of discussion and most of it very polarizing. There have been many articles on the canal including this one which is a couple years old and as of yet, there is little evidence that the canal will proceed.

Each day in Playa Gigante, sometime between noon and 2 p.m., the rhythmic splash of white-tipped Pacific rollers is interrupted by the roar of 20-or-so villagers who congregate on the sand to greet the return of the previous night’s fishing trip. Sons, daughters, wives, uncles, aunts, and friends help haul the wooden boats out of the water, as stray dogs chase mangy pigs around the half-crescent beach and children drape T-shirts over their heads to seek solace from the midday sun.

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