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20 Apr

10 High-Fat Foods You Should Be Eating More Of, According To Nutritionists

Bet you did not see this one coming?  Both of us have been “gym rats” for most of our lives doing one activity or another and usually doing a reasonable job of eating right. Michael, in addition to his regular full time job, was also a personal trainer for 30 years with a strong background in nutrition. We both remember when “SnackWells” came out in the ’90s with their low/no fat products that were coincidentally high in sugar so the snack had some sort of flavour.  We ate them by the box because we thought they were healthy.

We now know that it is sugar that kills, and more than any other nutrient.  It creates more belly fat, and hence heart attacks, etc, results in huge insulin spikes which leads to diabetes, creates general inflammation in the body, and the list goes on. Yuck, yuck, and more yuck…but it tastes so good and is highly addictive.  With better science, we now know that there are many good fats that we need to incorporate into our diets that can replace most of that sugar and result in lower body weights and higher overall health. There is also some evidence that higher cholesterol has a protective effect related to Alzheimer’s (but that is another whole topic of discussion).

What does this have to do with us here at El Mirador Suites? Well, in addition to doing our best to make sure you enjoy your vacation or business trip we also want to make sure you have every opportunity to eat right. We all love to indulge a little on our vacations but we also know there can be too much of a good thing.  So to do our part, we do occasionally have bacon or ham (duh!!!) and we have a monstrous avocado tree so you can have avocado every meal if you like. We make all our own peanut and almond butter with only a touch of honey added and maybe a little coconut oil if necessary. Our homemade granola has a just a touch of brown sugar for flavour and we serve greek yogurt with it that has no sugar, some good fats and lots of protein. Also, all of our fresh made fruit juices have no added sugar.  Some of them are a little tart but you can always sweeten them up yourself if you wish. Our breads do have some sugar but we cut it in half and in some even further by adding things like apple sauce (fruit sugars cause a much lower increase in insulin levels). We use every bit of the egg and unless you whine a little, there is no such thing as an egg white omelet coming out of our kitchen (for yet another future discussion, the World Health Organization has declared dietary sources of cholesterol (aka eggs) not a concern for raising blood cholesterol levels). We do most of our cooking with butter and olive oils and we even grow some of our own herbs. Did I mention we have Avocados?

So we truly do do our best to make your time with us happy and healthy.

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