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3 May

2017 Latin American Games Preparation – Construction Starts in Managua of Olympic pools complex

Inicia construcción del complejo de piscinas olímpicas

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Tuesday afternoon, started the construction works of the modern Olympic pools complex, which were incorporated into the second phase of the park Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores.

The final design of this complex is ready, so the first constructive activities carried out are excavation work with heavy machinery.

The work includes the construction of two swimming pools, one of 50 meters for official competitions and the second 25 meters heating effects, which will be used during the Central American Games to be held in December this year in our country.

The modern facilities will have international sporting standards and technological elements necessary for proper functioning, medical room, doping room, dressing rooms and bleachers can accommodate up to 200 thousand people.

The total cost of the project exceeds $ 3.6 million and as calculated by the secretary general of the mayor of Managua, facilities should be ready in late November.

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