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3 May

Nicaragua’s Most Luxurious New Resort, Nekupe, Has a Social Mission

The Pellas family is well known in Nicaragua for their humanitarian and philanthropic activities in the country.  The best hospital in the country carries their name and they are behind the construction of 2 luxury resorts here in Nicaragua, Nekupe and Mukul.

The six-month-old Nekupe Sporting Resort & Retreat is a stunning eight-room countryside compound in the shadow of the Mombacho volcano, an hour and a half south of Managua. Unlike the backpacker lodges and surfing resorts on the country’s coast, Nekupe (or “heaven,” in the local language of Chorotega) is built to immerse travelers in Nicaragua’s little-known inland treasures: horseback riding along a series of lakes and mountains, clay shooting near a babbling brook, or sandboarding down an active volcano. It also has the goal of teaching moneyed visitors about ANF’s goals—including improving local employment opportunities, sustainable farming, and environmental stewardship. The owners have even reforested 1,300 acres around their property, which had been destroyed by slash-and-burn architecture, and designated the land as a nature reserve, in hopes of conserving and regenerating local flora and fauna.

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