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28 May

The best tree house hotels in the world have been revealed

Our Own Aqua Wellness Resort makes this interesting top 10 list. While many of these are not strictly tree houses in my definition, they are at least in the trees.

Ever wanted to stay in a tree house?

Kidding – that’s not even a question.

Consider this. Instead of staying in the foreign equivalent of a Premier Inn this summer, you could spend your holiday dozing in the sky in your very own tree house hotel room.

Hell, you could even spend it chilling in a tree-top infinity pool.

We’re not talking about one lone hotel in the back end of nowhere, either, as Hotels.com has revealed the best 10 tree house hotels in the world in its Loved by Guests awards.

No need to change your original holiday 2017 destination. These tree houses are available everywhere from Sweden to Thailand.

See the List

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