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26 Jun

Italians add Pizzaz to Managua’s Salvador Allende Water Front Park

Go-carts…who doesn’t love a good race.  A few weeks ago while scouting for a new restaurant in Salvador Allende, the new water front park in Managua, we stumbled on this almost finished track.  We did not know what it was so we chased down a security guard who told us it was for go-karts. That brought big smiles to both myself and my buddy.  And now they are finally open so hopefully we can get down there in the next week or 2 and try them out…zoom zoom.

Watch the video (spanish only)

With an investment of one million dollars, a group of Italians built the first GoKarts track in Nicaragua and the largest in Central America

Con una inversión de un millón de dólares, un grupo de italianos construyeron la primera pista GoKarts en Nicaragua y la más grande de Centroamérica

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