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5 Sep

Volcan Masaya Nicaragua: A Digital Volcano

Masaya is one of only 7 volcanos in the world with an active lava lake.  You can stand at the top of the crater and watch the lava bubbling.  A lava lake is defined as a large volume of molten lava, contained in a volcanic vent or crater and poses an unpredictable threat to those in surrounding areas.

Truly a view to the center of the earth. The view is best at night but it is visible during the day also. And our hotel is only 20 minutes to the volcano.

The website/article has lots of videos and photos so it is definitely worth a look.

A World of Data

When it comes to the natural world, our scientific knowledge represents just a fraction of all there is to know. But in the age of big data, the opportunities to find insights that could lead to positive impact and a better understanding of the future are endless. By adding sensors and controls to physical objects, we can collect and expose more data sets – creating a smarter, more informed community

Read the article.

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