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17 Jan

A Brief History of Fritangas: Nicaragua’s Popular Street Barbecues

Nicaraguans love their food, and when it comes to eating out the first choice for most people is their neighbourhood fritanga, where beef, pork, or chicken are barbecued to perfection and served up with a hefty side of rice and beans, some crispy plantains, and a cold drink in a plastic bag. A source of great local pride, fritangasare an integral part of Nicaragua’s gastronomic identity. There’s even a popular song called ‘Amor Fritanguero’ (Fritanga Love). So what makes a fritanga so different from other street food stalls that it deserves a special name?

From simple roadside grills with one or two options of the day, to sit-down restaurants where the food is barbecued outside, fritangas come in many forms. But as street-eats go, they are Nicaragua’s favourite fast-food joints, the neighbourhood solution to feeding the family when there’s no time – or inclination – to cook at home.

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