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20 Jan

A Brief History of Vigorón, the Signature Dish of Granada, Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan city of Granada is not just the oldest – and arguably the coolest – colonial city in Central America, it’s also the home of vigorón, a moreish mini-mountain of boiled yuca, pork rinds, and cabbage slaw that was created in 1914 by a street vendor known as La Loca (The Crazy Woman). Nowadays, anybody who visits Granada would be crazy to miss out on this lip-smacking snack, which the locals eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So how did a humble street snack sold at neighbourhood baseball games become the signature dish of a grand city like Granada?

Vigorón is now so famous in Nicaragua that it is considered an iconic national dish, and even Costa Rica has tried to lay claim to it. But its origins are firmly tied to the historic city of Granada, where the tradition of combining soft starchy yuca (cassava), crunchy chicharrones (pork rinds), vinegary chopped cabbage, and spicy chilli continues to this day.

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