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18 Apr

Nicaragua is in The 8 Best Countries To Move To For Retirement

We are a ways away from retirement and we didn’t wait until then for the big move, but for those of you who are looking to move to a warmer and more tropical place to spend all or some of your retirement, we think you would be wise to consider Nicaragua. Climate, cost of living, the people, safety…these are all on the plus side when you consider a new home for retirement.  And in Nicaragua those all end up on the “pro” side of the analysis.

Retiring abroad in a different country where you worked and lived is gaining popularity. According to the Social Security Administration more than half a million people living outside the U.S., receive Social Security benefits. If you’re considering relocating abroad, you should research your options. Fortunately, International Living’s Global Retirement Index, lists the best countries to seek retirement. Below you will find eight of the best countries to retire, listed in the order of their ranking.  Even if you do not live in the United States, these countries are some of the best countries where your money will go furthest!  Consider retirement in these countries to extend your quality of life once you get older.

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