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6 May

What Country Has The Best (And Worst) Roads In Central America?

The quality of the roads here in Nicaragua have improved significantly over the last few years.  When I first started coming here in 2006, a trip from Managua to Leon on the old highway was almost 3 hours because of the road condition. A 4×4 was a pre-requisite for going almost anywhere. Now, even in the rainy season, unless you are spending a lot of time off the beaten path, a 4×4 is rarely necessary. So I won’t spoil the surprise as to where Nicaragua’s roads stack up in Central America.  Read the article below to find out.

Once they cross the Rio Grande and find themselves in Latin America (AKA Mexico), the state of the roads surprises many gringos.

They expect donkey tracks with potholes the size of meteorite craters and banditos ready to rob them hiding behind every cactus.

That’s the stereotype of roads south of the border. And while parts of Mexico are like that, the reality is most gringo motorists will find modern, safe highways.

If they require the real deal they need to push on down through Mexico and hit Central America (AKA South Mexico) instead. That’s where the real adventure starts.

2015 Waze study put three Central American countries among the top ten “worst driving experiences in the world”. Not bad for a small region.

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