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23 Apr

Revealed: The world’s safest (and least safe) countries – Zimbabwe and Nicaragua beat the UK

Unfortunately, many people’s image of Nicaragua is 20-30 years outdated. We still get questions about the wars, the earthquakes and how dangerous it is here to vacation or live. Safety is often one of the questions we get when contacted about a possible vacation here or when people find out where we live. No country or city is without it’s crime and yes we are a developing nation and yes there is crime. But compared to most countries, we are in great shape. A couple of years ago, Interpol released a safety ranking with Nicaragua second safest in all the Americas 2nd only to Canada.  All these “studies” will use slightly different criteria but either way, there is little to fear here in Nicaragua, especially when compared to the typical North American or European city.

Are you a nervous traveller? Then you might want to consider a trip to Finland, the safest country on Earth according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The presence of the United Arab Emirates and Oman in the top five, and Qatar in the top 10, will no doubt surprise many given their location in the troubled Middle East. Rwanda, in ninth, ahead of countries such as Portugal and New Zealand, to name just two, will also raise eyebrows. 

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