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28 Feb

Nicaragua – Between sand, beaches, and stars

Managua, Nicaragua – We live in the middle of a city of 2 million people and yet I can look up at night and see the stars from our back yard.  In how many cities in North America or even Europe is that even possible? In Nicaragua we do not suffer some of the typical pollution like light and smog. Hanging out on the beach star gazing is yet another great way to spend an evening in Nicaragua.

We are in the middle of summer, a time when people in this and other countries mostly head out to the beaches to cool off in waves of the ocean and enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun.

A trip to the beach is a tradition that begun many years ago in Nicaragua. US diplomat and explorer Ephraim G Squier, who lived around 1850 in Leon as Charge d’Affaires of the United States, left us an illustrated reference of a vacation in Poneloya when families would visit and enjoy the beach for several weeks at a time, carrying beds, stoves, dressers, tubs and other household items mounted on ox carts in dirt roads.

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