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17 Mar

Hang Out With Howler Monkeys at This New Nicaragua Resort

“How do you like your gallo pinto in the morning?” Don Alfredo Pellas Jr. asked me over dinner my first night at Nekupe. This is not your usual small talk. The national dish of Nicaragua, gallo pinto is a ubiquitous rice-and-beans combo that comes however a cook makes it; it’s not something you order according to taste, like sunny-side-up eggs. But this was not my first Nicaraguan breakfast rodeo—I married a Nicaraguan coffee trader; we once lived in the country and now visit often. To my surprise, I realized I did have a preference: “Crispy.”

“Excellent,” Don Alfredo replied. “We’ll tell the chef that tomorrow you’ll have it bien tostado, but also to prepare a bowl that’s a little softer, and maybe one with bacon. A gallo pinto tasting.”

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