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26 Mar

Little Corn Island – This Tiny Island Off the Coast of Nicaragua Is an Underrated Caribbean Paradise

Little Corn Island is still definitely on our travel list. We had the pleasure of experiencing Big Corn Island in February of this year. It definitely has a laid back Caribbean vide to it and the waters are the typical Caribbean blue..beautiful.  Bring a book.  This is the perfect place to totally relax for a few days.

My mother always said, “You don’t just marry a man, you marry his whole family.” When I wed Emilio, I got his entire country — Nicaragua. We go there frequently, so I’ve managed to see most of his homeland’s greatest hits: the Spanish-colonial city of Granada, a handful of dormant volcanoes, and the Pacific beaches loved by surfers. But I’d been married to my Nicaraguan husband for seven years before we made the trek to Little Corn Island, and I’m still a little resentful about that oversight.

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