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2 Jun

Alternative Isles: Nine Intriguing Lake Islands

Nicaragua has a lot to see and included in that list is Ometepe Island, situated in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

The ocean doesn’t have the monopoly on islands. Some of the world’s loveliest and most culturally significant islands are actually surrounded by freshwater. Formed by sedimentation, erosion or volcanic activity, these islands can be huge (Manitoulin Island in Canada’s Lake Huron is over 1000 square miles) or teeny (Phantom Ship, a craggy rock column in Crater Lake that’s a mere 500 feet across and resembles a ghostly schooner in the fog).

From fairy tale-esque formations to old-world waterfront wonders, each lake island comes with its own unique culture, spectacular wildlife and water-based adventures. So ditch your notions of tropical slices of sand floating in the ocean and explore these nine intriguing lake islands instead.

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