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9 Jun

Exploring the volcanoes of Nicaragua

The view from the tops of most of Nicaragua’s volcanoes is nothing but spectacular. So if you enjoy nature and great views then being at the top of one of these volcanoes is the place to be. Some are accessible by vehicle and others require an 8-10 hours hike, a reasonable fitness level and a good pair of boots. But how ever you get there, the views don’t disappoint.  Even at the top of Maderas and after dropping down into the cauldron to the small lake, you are often enclosed in an eerie fog reminiscent of The Swamp Thing movie from way back. You can’t see far but what you can see is still worth the 10 hour hike in the cloud forest.

And nothing can beat the bubbling pit of lava visible from the depths of Vulcan Masaya just a short 20 minute drive from our Hotel.

Nicaragua is a geological hotspot — 19 volcanoes are strung across the west coast of this Central American country. All have played a part in literally shaping the country

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