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16 Dec

10 Traditional Dishes You Must Try in Nicaragua

The constant search for ever more authentic flavours in recent years has fuelled a foodie revolution based on farmers markets, food trucks, and an eat-like-a-local philosophy that has also changed the way we travel. As a tourism destination, Nicaragua is not only booming with birdwatchers, surfers, volcano-boarders and culture vultures, but also ticks all the boxes for culinary travellers seeking gastro adventures. Self-confessed foodies are being enticed here by a smorgasboard of delicious traditional dishes to feast on and a host of exotic fruits and vegetables to try. Made from home-grown ingredients and the kind of love you only get in places where the locals are passionate about the food they cook, traditional Nicaraguan dishes can be found at high-end restaurants, hole-in-the-wall eateries, local markets, and street corner grills.

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